LEERS, Georg

Member since:November 2017
Telephone:++49 (0) 1719574307
Mobile:++49 (0) 1719574307


Studies of Business Administration at University of Applied Science, Cologne (Germany), 1976-1980

Positions Held

  • Manager of facultative reinsurance department at AXA Konzern AG
  • Manager Financial Statements of reinsurance business at AXA Konzern AG
  • Manager of the treaty reinsurance book of AXA Konzern AG in Run-Off including all kinds of retrocession
  • Director of Colonia Insurance (Ireland) PLC, Dublin
  • Director of the board of AIM BelgiČ… N.V., Antwerp
  • Special Task Manager of Run-Off Business AXA Konzern AG Manager

Present Positions

  • Independent Researcher/Adviser on reinsurance disputes

Professional Associations

  • Panel Member of ARIAS (UK)


  • Underwriting and placement of facultative reinsurance of all kinds of LoB non-life
  • Underwriting and placement of fac/oblig reinsurance contracts
  • Treaty reinsurance manager of Run-Off book
  • Reinsurance accounting of all types
  • Researcher and dispute manager to reinsurance disputes at state Courts and Arbitration Panels in several jurisdictions (US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium)
  • Witness Statements, Depositions and testifying at Courts and Arbitration Panels
  • Analysis and interpretation of reinsurers structures and contracts
  • Reinsurance claims management
  • Expert work

Foreign Languages

German, English, Dutch.

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